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Car-Free Festivals in Vancouver, BC

Car-Free Festivals Around Vancouver


Car Free Festivals Vancouver
Image Courtesy of 2008carfreevancouver.org

Every year, around mid-June, Vancouver celebrates a possible car-free future for the city with street festivals in four of the city's biggest neighbourhoods: Commercial Drive, the West End, Main Street, and Kitsilano.

This year, Car-Free Day and the Car-Free Festivals are Sunday, June 15, 2014 (Father's Day).

  • Commercial Drive Car-Free Festival
    The original festival site--which saw upwards of 35,000 people in past years--has live music, street hockey, food, performances, and more.
    When: 12pm - 7pm
    Where: Commercial Drive, between Venables and 1st Ave


  • Main Street Car-Free Festival
    Main Street's fest has multiple live-music stages, kid zones, and three full artisan markets.
    When: 12pm - 7pm
    Where: Main Street, between Broadway and 30th Avenue


  • West End Car-Free Festival
    The very-popular West End fest has live music, dance, parades, and kids' activities.
    When: 12pm - 6pm
    Where: Denman Street, between Davie and Robson


  • Kitsilano Car-Free Festival
    Rather than a single street party, Kits neighbours are throwing a series of block parties all around the community.
    When: Various times on both Saturday, June 15 & Sunday, June 16
    Where: Various locations


These are car-free festivals--and they all have valet bike parking--so for goodness sake, don't drive!

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