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Vancouver Outdoor Pools

Guide to Vancouver's Public, Outdoor Pools


Marrying together the joys of swimming outdoors--in warmer water than the ocean's--with some of the city's most spectacular views and beaches, Vancouver outdoor pools are a summer treat that's fun for families, kids, serious swimmers, and sun-lovers alike.

There are five Vancouver outdoor pools scattered throughout the city, making it easy to find a pool near you.

1. Kits Pool

Kits Pool Vancouver
Photo by Dana Lynch

Kitsilano Pool--always referred to as Kits Pool--is the zenith of Vancouver outdoor pools. Not only is it next door to the popular Kits Beach and surrounded by truly amazing city-and-mountain views, it's also Canada’s longest pool—-almost three times longer than an Olympic pool—-and Vancouver’s only heated salt water pool. If you're a serious swimmer or want to swim serious laps, this is the pool for you.

Location: 2305 Cornwall Avenue, Vancouver

Open mid-May - mid-September. Kits Pool Schedule

2. Second Beach Pool

Second Beach Pool in Stanley Park, Vancouver
Image Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

Summer days spent hiking, biking and playing in Stanley Park are one of the great pleasures of living in Vancouver, and so is a swim in the park's Second Beach Pool. Situated along the park's southwest Seawall, this pool has beautiful views and is great fun for kids. It's also just a short walk to the restaurants and gelaterias of Denman Street.

Location: Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver

Open mid-May - mid-September. Second Beach Pool Schedule

3. Maple Grove Pool

Maple Grove Pool Vancouver
Image Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

More a "free form wading pool" than typical swimming pool, the Maple Grove Pool is primarily a pool for kids rather than swimming adults. The adjacent park has a playground and picnic sites, so families can easily spend the day playing and swimming/wading.

Location: 6875 Yew Street, Vancouver

Open late-June - early-September. Maple Grove Pool Schedule

4. New Brighton Pool

New Brighton Pool Vancouver
Image Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

With pretty views of the mountains and East Vancouver's only ocean-access (via New Brighton Park), the New Brighton Pool is long, cool and easy on the eyes. Among Vancouver outdoor pools, this--along with Kits Pool--is a good choice for serious swimmers, who can enjoy free-form 25-metre lanes.

Location: North Windermere Street, near New Brighton Park, Vancouver

Open mid-May - early-September. New Brighton Pool Schedule

5. Hillcrest Aquatic Centre

Hillcrest Aquatic Centre
Image Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

Located next to Queen Elizabeth Park and transformed from the Vancouve 2010 Winter Olympics' official venue for curling and wheelchair curling, the Hillcrest Aquatic Centre includes an outdoor pool with water sprays and bubble jets in addition to its amazing indoor facilities. (Inside, its the largest Aquatic Centre in Vancouver.)

Location: 4575 Clancy Loranger Way

See site for summer schedule information.

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