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Second Beach Pool


Second Beach Pool Stanley Park Vancouver

Second Beach Pool at Stanley Park

Image Courtesy of Vancouver Park Board

Second Beach Pool Overview

Summer days spent hiking, biking and playing in Stanley Park are one of the great pleasures of living in Vancouver, and if you want to cool off after a hot day--and the ocean is a bit too chilly--swimming in the park's outdoor Second Beach Pool is the ideal way to do it.

Just like the name implies, the pool is situated off Second Beach in Stanley Park's southeastern corner, and boasts spectacular views of English Bay and and the western mountains.

The Second Beach Pool is a heated, fresh-water pool, 5ft deep and 50 metres long. With a playground and the Variety Kids Water Park nearby, the pool is perfect for families and kids.

There are lanes reserved for swimming, but serious swimmers would do better at the 137-metre-long Kits Pool, where the swimming lanes are both longer and better segregated from splashing and water-play.

Getting to the Second Beach Pool

The Second Beach Pool is located on Second Beach, off Stanley Park Drive. From downtown Vancouver, drivers should head west on Beach Avenue and look for signs for the beach and pool; pay parking is available.

You can also walk or bike to the pool via the park's scenic Seawall from English Bay Beach and the West End.

Map to Second Beach Pool

Download Map of Stanley Park (pdf)


The Second Beach Pool is open from mid-May to mid-September. Times vary by month, so check the Vancouver Park Board site for hours of operation and admission costs.

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