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Vancouver's Best Baby Stores

Where to Shop for Mom & Baby


Since my own baby was born (in March 2010), I've become extremely well-acquainted with Vancouver's wide range of baby stores. With the help of the other new moms in my childbirth education group, I've found the best baby shopping in the city. Use this list of Vancouver's best baby stores to shop for babies, new moms, parents, baby showers, and gifts.

1. Room for 2

Room for 2, Vancouver
Photo © Room for 2

Hands down the best baby shop in Vancouver, this little gem of a store--located on Commercial Drive--is packed to the rafters with all kinds of goodies for both mother and child, including clothes, nursing accessories, baby carriers, toys, and more. Co-owned by childbirth educator and doula Lorena Battistel, Room for 2 is as much an educational resource as it is a business. I got my first (fantastic) nursing bra here, and the saleswoman helped me find the perfect fit!

2. TJ's Kids

Photo © TJ Kids

Forget Babies 'R Us: You can find everything you'd find at that chain store--including bedding, cribs, and health items--for a similar price in a much nicer environment with friendlier salespeople at TJ's Kids. B.C.-owned, TJ's has store locations around the Lower Mainland, including Vancouver, Surrey and Vancouver Island.

3. Hip Baby

Hip Baby
Photo © Anastasia Chomlack

Along with Crocodile, this Kits West 4th baby store is a must-see for baby shower gifts. The products here, which focus on baby and cover clothes, toys, blankets, and accessories, are expensive, but so lovely.

4. Crocodile

Hip strollers and cribs are two big items at the locally-owned Crocodile, another trendy baby store on Kitsilano's West 4th Avenue. Like it's neighbour Hip Baby, this is a pricey shop, but also worth a visit, especially for parents interested in alternatives to disposable diapers: Crocodile carries the "flushable and compostable" gDiapers.

5. Discount Shopping: Costco, Walmart, Old Navy, Canadian Superstore, Craigslist

Discount shopping is a great way for new parents to save money, to buy bulk, or to find inexpensive mom and baby gifts. Costco and Walmart have great prices on diapers and baby wipes; Old Navy and Canadian Superstore sell a range of cheap hats and baby clothes. And don't forget Craigslist: We bought a gently-used crib and bassinet from Craigslist, which both saved money and made us feel better about furniture that had already "outgased".

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