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Where to Buy Valentine's Day Gifts in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Valentine's Day Gifts & Gift Guide


Celebrating Valentine's Day in Vancouver and looking for the perfect gift? Use this guide to find the best Vancouver Valentine's Day gifts and gift ideas, from hand-made Vancouver chocolates to flowers, spa gifts, and other romantic offerings.

1. Vancouver Valentine's Day Gifts: Specialty & Boutique Chocolate

Image Courtesy of Gem Chocolates

Chocolates are a traditional Valentine's Day gift, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to candy-in-a-heart-shaped-box from your local Shoppers Drug Mart. For a truly fabulous Vancouver Valentine's Day gift, head to the top Vancouver chocolatiers and boutique chocolate shops, many of which make their chocolates by hand with locally-sourced ingredients.

2. Vancouver Valentine's Day Gifts: Flowers

Image Courtesy of The Flower Factory

Flowers, like chocolates, may be a cliché on Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean they don't work. Personally, I love bouquets; I never feel like I can have too many fresh flowers in my life. If you're sweetie loves flowers, shop at these top florists for Vancouver Valentine's Day gifts.

3. Vancouver Valentine's Day Gifts: Spas & Massages

Solarice Spa Mother's Day List
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

Is there anyone who wouldn't want a spa-day or massage as a Vancouver Valentine's Day gift? If you can afford to splurge, a day at these top Vancouver spas makes an outstanding present. Try a couples package for a gift both of you can enjoy!

4. Vancouver Valentine's Day Gifts: Make Your Own Gift

collage collage vancouver
Image Courtesy of Collage Collage

Want to lend a particularly personal touch to your Vancouver Valentine's Day gift? Why not give your honey a hand-made artwork or craft? And don't worry if you aren't crafty; these Vancouver art and craft shops teach you all the basics for creating your own amazing gift. (This is a great Valentine's Day activity for kids, too!)

5. General Vancouver Gift Ideas

canucks gift basket
Image Courtesy of itsinthebasket.com

Of course, a Vancouver Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be candy or roses. It could just be a really great gift, period. Use these Vancouver Gift Guides to find lots of ideas for gifts that work for Valentine's Day and other occasions, and are perfect for folks who don't want to go the traditional route.

6. Valentine's Gift Ideas from About.com

Valentine's Day in Vancouver, BC
Photo © Tim Boyle / Getty Images

My fellow About Guides have loads of fabulous ideas for Valentine's Day gifts, cards and crafts.

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