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Christmas Shopping in Vancouver, BC

Where to Shop, Holiday Markets, Gift Ideas & More


Christmas Shopping in Vancouver, BC, can be a true pleasure: There are fabulous, unique holiday markets, world-class shopping districts, decorated malls, great discount spots, and arts and crafts you won't find anywhere else in the world. Use this Guide to Christmas Shopping in Vancouver to find all the best places to shop for your holiday needs as well as gift ideas for everyone on your list!

1. Christmas Shopping in Vancouver: Special Holiday Markets

christmas shopping in vancouver: Vancouver Christmas Markets
Image Courtesy of Vancouver Christmas Market

One of the best parts of Christmas shopping in Vancouver is exploring the unique holiday markets that pop up every year in November and December. Most of these markets--including the immense Circle Craft Christmas Market--showcase local, BC and independent Canadian artisans and designers, making the wares--which range from toys and fashion to home decor, fine arts, jewelry, and gourmet food--all the more exceptional.

The holiday markets are also great places to shop for Christmas decorations and special food: for example, the German-themed Vancouver Christmas Market brings authentic German Christmas ornaments and decor to Vancouver, as well as wonderfully delicious gingerbread!

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2. Christmas Shopping in Vancouver: Best Shopping Districts

christmas shopping in vancouver: best shopping districts
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

Vancouver's best shopping districts are perfect venues for Christmas shopping in Vancouver, with the added benefit of being a pleasure to explore, even if you aren't certain what you're shopping for. Browse the best independent Canadian and local fashion in Gastown or on Main Street, look for home decor and antiques on South Granville, or hit famous Robson Street for the top international fashion brands.

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3. Christmas Shopping in Vancouver: Best Malls

christmas shopping in vancouver: best shopping malls
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

While Vancouver malls don't have the sense-of-place or unique boutiques found in our neighbourhood shopping districts, they do have one advantage that's particularly nice at Christmastime: they're indoors! Shop the gargantuan Metropolis at Metrotown or Oakridge Mall for big-name international fashion brands, electronics, and toy stores, or head to Richmond's Aberdeen Centre for a large variety of Chinese and multicultural fashion and home decor.

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4. Christmas Shopping in Vancouver: Unique Gifts & Gift Ideas

christmas shopping in vancouver: gifts and gift ideas
Image Courtesy of Meinhardt

Gift giving isn't easy, especially when the person on your list is someone who "has it all" or someone you don't know very well. Luckily, Vancouver has a lot of local gifts--including local gourmet food and drink, First Nations art, gifts for hockey fans, and Vancouver-history gifts--that can suit almost anyone. (My personal credo is: when in doubt, go with food.)

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5. Christmas Shopping in Vancouver: Top Shops for Kids & Babies

christmas shopping in vancouver for kids
Photo © Anastasia Chomlac

Vancouver's top shops for kids and babies make Christmas shopping for kids fun (or, as fun as it can be). People of all ages will love shopping at the unique toy stores and boutiques at Granville Island's Kids Market, and the best malls for kids make one-stop-shopping an actual possibility.

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6. Christmas Shopping in Vancouver: Bargains & Home Decor

The best bargain Christmas shopping in Vancouver--from bargain gifts to seasonal home decorations--can be found at Vancouver's top discount stores, which include big chains like Canadian Superstore as well as local favourites like Wonderbucks and Welk's Mart.

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7. Boxing Day in Vancouver: The Year's Biggest Sale!

christmas shopping in vancouver
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

It probably goes without saying that the biggest holiday shopping event--indeed, the biggest shopping event of the year--is Boxing Day (December 26), the day after Christmas. On Boxing Day (and usually continuing that week), almost everything in Vancouver goes on sale, from major brands of fashion, furnishings, home decor, and electronics found in major shopping districts and malls, to special items at Vancouver's local and independent merchants, including the high-fashion boutiques in Gastown, Yaletown, South Granville and Main Street.

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