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Vancouver Punjabi Market Shopping & Walking Tour


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Vancouver Shopping - Punjabi Market (Little India)
Punjabi Market Vancouver

Street signs let you know you've arrived!

Photo by Dana Lynch

Vancouver's Punjabi Market district--also known as Little India--is a cultural and commercial focal point for Vancouver's South Asian community and one of the city's most unique shopping centres.

The Punjabi Market is the perfect place to shop for fabric, Indian fashion and jewelry, gifts, religious murti, and Indian cooking utensils and ingredients.

It's also a great place to have your eyebrows threaded (at Kohli's Mastercuts).

Located in the south Vancouver Sunset neighbourhood, Punjabi Market (Little India) stretches along Main Street from 48th Avenue to 51st Avenue. It's easy to get to by bus or by car, and there's plenty of free street parking for drivers--a rarity in Vancouver!

Map of Punjabi Market (Little India) Vancouver

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