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Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

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Blue Water Cafe Vancouver

Oysters at the Blue Water Cafe

Photo by Dana Lynch

The Bottom Line

In a city packed with world-class seafood restaurants, it really means something to call Blue Water Cafe the best. A consistent award-winner for its sumptuous West Coast dishes, amazing raw oyster bar and fabulous sushi, the Blue Water is actually worth every penny of its expensive price.

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar
1095 Hamilton St.
Vancouver, B.C.


  • Amazing seafood, oysters and sushi - Deserves all its rave reviews
  • Great location on Hamilton St. in Yaletown's nightlife district
  • Sometime celebrity hotspot
  • High-quality service
  • Gorgeous patio for dining in the summer


  • Pull out your wallet - It's expensive!


  • Open nightly for dinner 5pm - 11pm; late-night menu to 12am
    Bar open 5pm - 1am
  • Most entrées $30 - $40
  • Valet service available Monday - Saturday

Guide Review - Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

The Blue Water Cafe is so highly praised in Vancouver that one is almost skeptical that it could really be that good. But it really, really is.

Famous for its seafood (I had a halibut special there that was the best tasting halibut I have ever had!), raw bar and sushi, the Blue Water epitomizes the East-meets-West Coast theme so common in Vancouver dining; it does the combination so beautifully it blows everyone else out of the water.

Oyster-lovers will be in heaven over the oyster menu--the selections are seasonal, so ask the servers what's currently available. I'm not a fan of raw oysters, personally, but I sampled some there (the Kusshi and Royal Miyagi) and even I enjoyed them. If you've always hesitated to try a raw oyster, this is the best place for an initiation nibble.

Of the seafood principle platters, you can't go wrong with the Sablefish (in a yuzu, soy and ginger broth), the White Sturgeon or the Bouillabaisse. Many of the restaurant's dishes are described in their Blue Water Cafe Seafood Cookbook; when my family was last there, we borrowed a copy from the server and browsed the pictures to get a sneak peak at what our dinners would look like.

As one of the premiere restaurants in Vancouver, the Blue Water sees its share of celebrity visitors. The New Moon crew had their cast party there, and other famous faces make occasional appearances, too.

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