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Granville Island Market Walking Tour


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Oyama Sausage - Sausage, Pate, and Cheeses
Granville Island Market

Sausages and meats at Oyama Sausage

Photo by Dana Lynch

From Zara's, continue along the aisle then turn right at Dussa's Ham and Cheese. There, in front of you, is my personal favourite: Oyama Sausage.

This locally-owned gem has the look of an old-world sausage shop full of hand-made sausages of all kinds, from prosciutto-style meats to chorizos. But it's the wide range of pâtés and terrines--the Terrine Landaise is sublime--that make this must-stop shopping for me.

If you've never had a terrine before, you must try it. Thicker and more crumbly that the smooth pâtés, terraines are so old-world French they seem like a true delicacy in Vancouver.

Tip: Buy French bread to go with your pâté at La Baguette, the French bakery outside the market and across the street from Oyama Sausage.

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