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Granville Island Market Walking Tour


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Granville Island Market Walking Tour
Granville Island Market

Granville Island Market main entrance

Photo by Dana Lynch

Granville Island's Public Market is Vancouver's most famous food market, for good reason. Home to over 100 vendors, this packed-to-the-rafters market offers the best, fresh seafood, produce, meats, sweets, and European specialty foods in the city.

Located on Granville Island, a small island on False Creek facing downtown Vancouver, the Public Market--along with the entire island--receives over 10 million visitors a year. Both the island and the market are popular tourist destinations, but they're equally loved--and patronized--by locals.

Whether you're a chef, an amateur chef or just an every-day food lover, the market is an oasis of epicurean delight--and a great place to eat lunch or pick up dinner.

Granville Island Market is open 7 days a week, from 9 am - 7 pm.

Map to Granville Island

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