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Vancouver Aquarium


Vancouver Aquarium

Schoolchildren pop their heads inside the bullfrog exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium

Photo by Hamid Attie; Image Courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre

Vancouver Aquarium Overivew

The Vancouver Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Canada. Home to 70,000 animals and over 150 aquatic displays, the Aquarium is a leader in marine preservation, conservation and education and one of Vancouver's favourite destinations (especially on rainy days).

Both the Aquarium's indoor and outdoor displays are arranged by geographic region. Indoors, visitors can see marine life from the Georgia Strait and from the coast of BC, sharks and sea turtles from the "Tropic Zone," and a wide variety of fish and other animals from the Amazon Rainforest.

Outdoor exhibits are among the most popular, since they house the big mammals, including Beluga whales, white-sided dolphins, Stellar sea lions, and sea otters. These large tanks have indoor viewing windows, too, so the animals can be seen both above and below the water.

There's also an outdoor exhibit of South African penguins, the Aquarium's newest residents: the six penguins arrived in May 2012.

Getting to the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is located in Stanley Park, at 845 Avison Way. From downtown Vancouver there are signs leading to the Aquarium along W Georgia St., near the main entrance to Stanley Park.

Drivers will find parking near the Aquarium; for the bus, take #19 to the Stanley Park Loop.

Map to Vancouver Aquarium

Special Activities

  • Sleepovers
    Sleepovers are a chance to stay at the Aquarium over night, touch live sea stars, sea urchins and anemones, and bed down in front of one of the aquatic galleries. There are nights specially designated for kids, families, and adults; couples get their own sleepover on Valentine's Day.

Conservation & Research Programs

Making the Most of Your Visit

You can easily spend about three hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, and it is a great place to head during cold, rainy days. Just a few minutes from downtown Vancouver, you can combine a rainy-day visit with a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery or the (admittedly not so edifying) Pacific Centre Mall.

On sunny days, exploring Stanley Park is the best way to enhance your trip. Walk the Seawall, take the kids on the Miniature Train or head to the beach to see some marine life in person.

Ticket Information, Current Exhibitions & Programs: Vancouver Aquarium

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