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Vancouver's Science World British Columbia

Guide to Science World at Telus World of Science in Vancouver, BC


Science World British Columbia in Vancouver, BC

Science World British Columbia in Vancouver, BC

Image Courtesy of Science World British Columbia

Science World British Columbia Overview

Arguably Vancouver's best museum for children (particularly young children) and--along with the Vancouver Aquarium--a good place to take kids on a rainy day, Science World is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching kids about science and technology through interactive exhibits and displays.

Science World is home to five permanent galleries: the physics-oriented Eureka! Gallery, the Sara Stern Search Gallery, the toddler-appropriate Kidspace Gallery, the Our World Gallery, and Illusions. It is also home BodyWorks, the OMNIMAX Theatre and the Science Theatre, as well as two galleries for feature exhibits, which change every few months.

For kids, the best thing about Science World is the large number of interactive displays it boasts. In the Eureka! Gallery, kids of all ages can experiment with water, light, sound, air and motion by launching balls and parachutes, playing music on "invisible" harp strings, and spinning on a rotating platform. In Kidspace, toddlers and tots can climb over and inside play gyms and UFOs, and feed balls through mazes and "loop-de-loops." Even the featured exhibits--such as 2012's "Extreme Dinosaurs"--incorporate multiple hands-on activities; for "Extreme Dinosaurs," kids could use push-button panels to operate the animatronic dinosaurs.

Getting to Science World British Columbia

Science World is located on False Creek, just south of Vancouver's Chinatown, at 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver.

Because Science World is just across the street from the Science World SkyTrain Station, it's very easy to get to Science World via public transit. For drivers, there is a "pay" parking lot in front of the museum.

Map to Science World British Columbia

Science World British Columbia History & Architecture

Like the famous domed top of the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) in Vanier Park, the "golf ball" geodesic dome of Science World is one of the great architectural landmarks in Vancouver.

The Science World building was originally constructed for Expo ’86 and served as the Expo Centre. Plans to convert the Expo '86 building into Science World began in 1987, but it wasn't until 1990 that Science World British Columbia opened its doors to its first visitors.

Making the Most of Your Visit

First time visitors to Science World will want to plan for a three-hour visit. Adults on their own would take much less time to visit Science World (this is not an adult-oriented museum), but most kids 12 and under will find lots of activities to engage their attention. Even very young kids--my not-yet-two-year-old, for example--can easily spend two- to three-hours trying out all the interactive displays in the Kidspace and Eureka! galleries.

If a day at Science World doesn't wear out your kids on its own, families can combine their visit to Science World with a trip to nearby Chinatown for food, shopping, or exploring Chinatown's historic sites.

Current Exhibitions & Open Hours: Science World British Columbia

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