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Burnaby Village Museum

Guide to Burnaby Village Museum near Vancouver, B.C.


Burnaby Village Museum

Burnaby Village Museum

Image Courtesy of Burnaby Village Museum

Burnaby Village Museum Overview

Located about 30 minutes east of downtown Vancouver, the Burnaby Village Museum is an open-air museum that recreates a small town in British Columbia in the 1920s. Rather than a single building, this "museum" is actually a village with a main street, a restored Interurban tram (that was actually used in the Lower Mainland from 1913 and 1958), and an assortment of historic shops, including a blacksmith shop, general store, ice cream parlour, and a Chinese general imports shop, all full of era-appropriate collector items.

One of the Museum's biggest attractions is the restored 1912 C.W. Parker Carousel, a beautiful carousel with carved, wooden horses, that has been placed indoors, so it can be enjoyed in any weather and by riders of all ages.

The Burnaby Village Museum is fun for everyone---history buffs will love the authentic period touches---but it's particularly popular with kids. Not only can kids run around the village, visiting the various "shops" and buildings, the Museum also caters to kids and families during several holidays, with special kid-friendly events at Spring Break, Canada Day, Halloween, and Christmas that incorporate interactive games, activities, puppet shows, and live performances.

Heritage Christmas, the Burnaby Village Museum's annual Christmas event, is a big draw for locals: visitors enjoy period costumes and Christmas decorations, Santa, shows, and music every December.

Getting to Burnaby Village Museum

The Burnaby Village Museum is located east of Vancouver, at 6501 Deer Lake Avenue in Burnaby, BC.

There are buses that can take you to the Burnaby Village Museum (see Translink to plan your trip by bus), but driving will be easier for most people and, unlike most Vancouver attractions, there is a free parking lot located just in front of the Museum's main entrance.

Map to the Burnaby Village Museum

Burnaby Village Museum Features & Special Events

Making the Most of Your Visit

First time visitors to the Burnaby Village Museum should allow at least two hours to explore the village. For families with kids, you can bring your own snacks or get something to eat at the ice cream parlour, which--along with ice cream--serves a variety of burgers-and-fries-style fare.

Do keep in mind that, if you visit during peak event periods, like December's Heritage Christmas or March's Spring Break, you will need to wait in line to ride the popular carousel.

In the summer, visitors can combine a trip to the Burnaby Village Museum with a trip to nearby Deer Lake Park, an outdoor cultural hub for the city of Burnaby that has a beautiful park, great walking trails, and lots of summer activities, including free concerts.

Schedule, Open Hours & Admission Costs: Burnaby Village Museum

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