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Useful Apps for Living in Vancouver, BC

Best iPhone & Smart Phone Apps for Living in & Getting Around Vancouver


Smart phone apps can be enormously useful tools for living in, exploring, or traveling to Vancouver, BC. Use these iPhone and Smart Phone apps to get around Metro Vancouver, find free parking, go green, eat, sightsee, shop, follow the Canucks, and more!

1. TransLink Mobile Website - Free

TransLink's mobile website makes taking public transportation around Vancouver easy! Use this site to access complete schedules for buses, SkyTrain, Canada Line, WestCoast Express and SeaBus. You can also see service alerts and all GVRD transit maps.

Accessible via any web-enabled device, including iPhone and Android.

2. B.C. Health Services Locator App - Free

Developed by the B.C. government and HealthLinkBC, this free app lets users find B.C. health services--including hospitals, walk-in clinics, ERs, immunization services, and after-hours pharmacies--based on location or by key word, filter by type of facility and see hours of operation, address, phone number, and other details. The app also provides up-to-date Health Alerts posted by HealthLinkBC.

Available for iPhone.

3. Go Parking Website - Free

This free website lets you find free parking spots in Vancouver, BC.

Accessible via any web-enabled device, including iPhone and Android.

4. Vancouver Street Food App - Free

Vancouver Street Food--the food carts you see around downtown Vancouver--has exploded since summer 2010. Vancouver street food vendors go far beyond hot dogs (or even the famous Japa Dog): these restaurants-on-wheels are serving some of the best fare in town, including everything from Pan-Asian cuisine and southern pulled pork sandwiches to dim sum, fresh croisants, pizza and more. Use this app to find the nearest food cart to you, up-to-the-minute opening hours & locations, directions, contact information and more.

Available for iPhone.

5. Vancouver Tap App - Free

Developed by Metro Vancouver as part of a campaign to reduce disposable (and environmentally unfriendly) water bottles, this app leads you to 600 water sources--fresh water to refill your own water bottle--throughout Greater Vancouver, from Abbotsford to West Vancouver.

Available for iPhone.

6. We Heart Local App - Free

Developed by the BC Dairy Farmers Association, this free app helps you find local food--food that is locally-grown and locally-harvested--at restaurants and markets near you.

Available for iPhone. 

7. Nightbound App - Free

Developed by Vancouverites, this free app helps you navigate Vancouver's nightlife by supplying real-time info on what's happening inside a club before you wait in line / pay the cover charge. The app includes info on crowd size and gender ratio, and includes free offers (like complimentary drinks) from partner nightclubs. 

Available for iPhone and Android.

8. OnTheGoKids App - Free

Created by Vancouverite and mom Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit, who is also the founder of the family resource yoyomama, OnTheGoKids helps users find kid- and family-friendly activities in Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland. Users can find events based on location, cost (e.g., "free"), type (e.g., "Festivals & Fairs"), or date, bookmark favourites, and share events on social media. This is a great resource for on-the-go parenting: with this app, you can find something to do with the kids instantly, i.e., if it starts raining in the park or you're already in the car.

Available for iPhone

9. Canucks App - Free

Developed in Vancouver, this app is a must-have for Vancouver Canucks fans (which is everyone, right?). The Canucks app gives you instant, one-tap access to exclusive news, features, message boards, videos and photos.

Available for iPhone.

10. Tourism Vancouver Mobile Guide - Free

Tourism Vancouver's free app is a comprehensive navigation tool that shows major attractions, hotels, and restaurants, offers one-touch hotel reservations, and even includes an integrated tracking and recording ability that allows users to "Footprint" photos taken and replay them on Google Earth.

Available for for iPhone and Android.

11. Go Play Golf! - Free

This free golfing app for Canadians covers over 30 B.C. courses, plus info on weather, special deals, and the "Possibility of Sun" (instead of possibility of precipitation).

Available for iPhone.

12. GreenMoney App - Free

Developed by Vancouverite Ryan Nadel especially for British Columbians, GreenMoney is a personal offset calculator for the money and time you invest in environmental savings. As described in the Georgia Straight, "British Columbians can use GreenMoney to record their purchases of environmentally friendly products, such as organic soap, and their use of more sustainable transportation options, including cycling and public transit." The app then calculates your investments and "offsets" and helps users "decide on an emissions-reduction target and then track their progress as they move toward that goal."

Available for iPhone.

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