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Getting Around Vancouver

Commuting in and around Vancouver? Learn how to get around by car, bus, SkyTrain, and bike.

Getting Around Vancouver, BC
Learn how to get around Vancouver via public transit, car, car-share, and bike, plus tips and strategies for avoiding traffic, finding free parking, and more!

Getting To and From the Vancouver Airport (YVR)
There are many ways to get to and from the Vancouver Airport (YVR), including rapid transit, taxis, Airport Shuttles, and more.

Quick Guide to Vancouver Public Transportation
This quick guide explains how to use Vancouver public transportation to get around Vancouver, which mobile apps to use, and how to explore British Columbia via public transit.

Vancouver iPhone & Smart Phone Apps
Which are the best iPhone apps for exploring Vancouver? Use this list of the best iPhone apps to get around, sightsee, shop, refill your water bottles, and go green!

Which Vancouver apps do you find truly useful?
Which Vancouver apps do you find truly useful? I've created a list of useful Vancouver apps, but I want to know what you think. Were any of these apps useful to you? Are there other apps you like better? Please leave your review!

Vancouver to Seattle Border Crossing
Get all the details on travel documents, transportation options, and the value of goods you can bring back into Canada from the U.S. when traveling from Vancouver to Washington.

Vancouver to Seattle Border Crossing: Which Travel Documents do I need?
Find out which documents you need to bring for yourself and your family for crossing the Canadian/U.S. border from Vancouver to Seattle, as well as quick information about enhanced driver's licences (EDL), enhanced identity cards (EIC), and NEXUS cards.

Canada Line - Vancouver's Rapid Transit System
Currently scheduled for completion by November 2009, the Canada Line is a rapid transit system that will run north-south, connecting downtown Vancouver with Richmond, Vancouver International Airport and Sea Island.

Vancouver City Map - VanMap
VanMap is part of the City of Vancouver’s official site. It’s a Web-based map system, downloadable, interactive, and easy to use. You can use VanMap to find traditional map features, like street names and addresses, but it also offers much more, including property lines and zoning information, even sewer and water mains. Click on "Start VanMap" in the upper left corner of the page to get started.

Translink - Buses and SkyTrain
Plan your trip or commute with bus and SkyTrain schedules, a trip planner, and fare information at Translink�s site, the home of Metro Vancouver.

Aquabus Ferries
Aquabus Ferries continuously criss-cross False Creek. The boats are for visitors and commuters, and carry both foot passengers and cyclists. Check the site for schedules and fares.

Vancouver Parking Permits
"Permit only" parking is designed to help Vancouver residents find parking near their homes. Whether you’re getting a parking permit for the first time or need to know where to renew an existing permit, find the information you need at the city's Parking Management site.

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