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Vancouver Inspiration Pass - Free Access to Vancouver Attractions & More

See Vancouver Attractions for Free via the Vancouver Public Library


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Launched in November 2012 by the Vancouver Public Library (VPL), the Vancouver Inspiration Pass is a program that lets families and kids enjoy Vancouver attractions and activities for free!

What is the Vancouver Inspiration Pass?
The Vancouver Inspiration Pass is a "pass" to Vancouver attractions and activities that you can "borrow" from the Vancouver Public Library for two weeks at a time, once per year. For the two weeks that you have the Vancouver Inspiration Pass, you can use it get free general admission to a variety of Vancouver attractions for you and your family (two adults and two kids under 18) or for a group of kids (up to 6 kids aged 14 - 18).

How do I "borrow" a Vancouver Inspiration Pass?
If you are a Vancouver resident, have a VPL library card and are aged 14+, you can check out/borrow (just like a book) one Vancouver Inspiration Pass per year. You place a hold on the pass at your local VPL branch (or at any VPL branch), and wait for your turn. One week before the Pass is available to you, the VPL will notify you via phone or email. Starting on the day your Pass arrives (at your designated VPL Branch), you have the Pass for two weeks--so make sure you pick up the Pass as soon as you can, so you can maximize your free entries. You won't need to return the Pass at the end of your two weeks; it will expire automatically.

Which Vancouver Attractions are included on the Vancouver Inspiration Pass?
The Vancouver Inspiration Pass includes free general admission to:

The Pass also gets you free admission to one pitch and putt, one ice skating rink, cultural attractions, and more. See the Vancouver Inspiration Pass/VPL site for all the relevant information.

How do I get a VPL Library Card?
Getting a VPL card is easy: You can apply for a library card at any VPL branch or do it online. All you need are two pieces of identification showing that you are a Vancouver resident; proof of residency can include a driver's licence, Care Card, bank card, credit card, phone bill, car insurance, or rental agreement.

Can I "borrow" a Vancouver Inspiration Pass if I live outside Vancouver?
Sadly, no. The Vancouver Inspiration Pass can only be borrowed by Vancouver residents with a Vancouver Library Card.

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