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Fall in Vancouver: Special Events & Activities for September, October & November

Autumn in Vancouver, BC: Film Festivals, Outdoor Activities, Halloween & More


There are lots of reasons to be excited for fall in Vancouver, including outdoor adventures, Thanksgiving and Halloween (Halloween is a big deal in Vancouver), film festivals (including the celebrated Vancouver International Film Festival), and gorgeous fall foilage.

Use this guide to events and activities in September, October and November to find the best things to do during fall in Vancouver.

1. Fall Outdoor Adventures: Hiking, Kayaking, Fishing, Biking & More

fall in vancouver: hiking
Image Courtesy of the BC Ministry of Enviroment

Fall in Vancouver is ideal for outdoor adventures (especially September, when the weather is still warm-ish):

2. Film Festivals Galore: Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) & More

fall in vancouver: film festivals
Image Courtesy of Vancouver International Film Festival

Fall in Vancouver is the season for cinephiles (or anyone who even casually loves movies), since it's jam-packed with film festivals. The biggest and best film festival is, of course, the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), which grow more and more acclaimed every year. VIFF screens over 300 films from over 60 countries, and attracts industry insiders and celebrities as well as movie-lovers from across the Lower Mainland. This year, VIFF runs September 26 - October 11, 2013.

3. Thanksgiving in Vancouver

fall in vancouver: thanksgiving
Image Courtesy of Bacchus Restaurant

Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday in October, placing it at the very heart of fall in Vancouver. While there aren't a lot of huge Thanksgiving events in the city (though there are often great meal deals for dining out on the big day), it's still a special time to get together with friends and family.

4. Gorgeous Fall Foilage in Vancouver

fall in vancouver: fall foilage
Image Courtesy of VanDusen Botanical Garden

Although evergreen trees make up a big part of our forests, there are still plenty of incredible spots to take in the changing colors of fall foilage in Vancouver, including VanDusen Botanical Garden and Stanley Park.

5. Halloween in Vancouver

fall in vancouver: halloween
Image Courtesy of Pacific National Exhibition

The biggest event of fall in Vancouver has to be Halloween (October 31), which is second only to Christmas in the sheer number of events and activities happening around town to celebrate the holiday. Throughout October, there are parties and haunted houses, attractions like Fright Nights at the PNE and the Stanley Park Ghost Train, and much, much more!

6. Special Fall Events & Festivals

fall in vancouver: special events
Image Courtesy of Vancouver Celebrates Diwali Festival

Every month in Vancouver there are special events, festivals, and cultural happenings, and fall in Vancouver is no exception. Use these Vancouver Event Calendars to find the best events happening each month:

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