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Vancouver Diwali Celebrations & Events

Celebrating Diwali in Vancouver, BC


vancouver diwali festival
Image Courtesy of Vancouver Celebrates Diwali Festival

Vancouver Diwali Overview

Every fall (between mid-October and mid-November), Vancouver celebrates Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Diwali is the biggest festival in India and is celebrated world-wide by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. Each day of the festival has a different "theme," while the festival as whole is a celebration of life, goodness and enjoyment. Vancouver Diwali celebrations are warm and welcoming; everyone is welcome to join the party!

Vancouver Diwali Celebrations & Events

The biggest Vancouver Diwali celebration is the annual Vancouver Celebrates Diwali Festival (VCDF), organized by the Diwali Celebration Society. Started in 2004, the VCDF is a week-long festival that celebrates Diwali as well as South Asian arts and culture. The 2013 VCDF runs from October 29 - November 8, 2013, and includes live performances, art exhibitions, workshops, and their main event, Diwali Downtown.

Diwali Downtown on Saturday, November 2, is Vancouver's biggest Diwali party. Held at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown, Downtown Diwali attracts thousands and features multiple live performances on its main stage, plus food and crafts. The event is by donation, with a suggested donation of $5.

Diwali Workshops at Vancouver Community Centres

As part of the VCDF and Vancouver Diwali celebrations, community centres across Vancouver host free, all-ages Diwali workshops, which include lessons on diya painting, sari wrapping, mehndi hand tattoos, and Bollywood dancing. Complete List of Diwali Workshops at Vancouver Community Centres.

Celebrating Diwali in Vancouver's Little India / Punjabi Market

Unlike the annual Vancouver Vaisakhi Parade, the Vancouver Diwali celebrations don't take place in Vancouver's Little India (Punjabi Market). However, it's still worth a trip to Little India--the heart of Vancouver's Indo-Canadian community--to purchase your Diwali necessities: the shops there have everything from diyas, rangolis and authentic saris to Indian groceries, fashion, and jewelry.

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